Protecting small firms from computer disasters
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Are You Ready for a Power Outage?

A power outage at Delta Airlines led to extensive problems when computers failed to switch over to backup power. Over 2,100 flights were cancelled, stranding passengers and causing losses of eight to nine figures if Southwest Airlines' outage experience is any indication.

Our SecureMyFirm backup services protect our customers continuously, so even recent files are not lost in a computer crash. For the fastest recovery from a power outage, your server and desktop computers will thank you for plugging them into uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes).

A good UPS protects the electronics in your computer from an uncontrolled, hard shutdown caused by a power outage. It also contains much higher quality surge suppression than a cheap power strip. While surge suppression can't protect against a huge power spike, such as a direct hit on your office by a bolt of lightning, it does protect against short- and long-term damage to sensitive electronics.

Surge protectors and battery backup units wear out over time, losing their effectiveness and battery life. Some have a warning light to indicate you are no longer protected, but these lights are not foolproof. We recommend that you replace surge protector power strips and UPS batteries every three years. (Ordering replacement batteries saves significant money and reduces electronic waste.) Even if you are feeling lucky, don't go beyond five years.

We like APC-brand UPSes. They have an excellent reputation and offer software that gracefully and automatically shuts down your server or computer if you are out of the office and the outage lasts long enough to use up the UPS battery power.

Before more storms hit your area, pick up some uninterruptible power supplies to protect your sensitive machines. A 550VA UPS for a desktop computer costs about $60. A 1500VA UPS for a server runs about $160. APC BE550G at Amazon

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