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Are You Ready to React to a Cyber Attack?

There it is in your email: a threat from criminal hackers. Now what?

There's nothing quite like that feeling. You stare at the threatening email. Do you know what to do next?

You'll feel much less worried if you've taken steps in advance. Here's what you can do now to be ready.

Prepare to React to a Cyber Attack

1.  Get the phone number of an expert cyber security company.

Talk to a company that can provide emergency service on very short notice. You want someone to call in a hurry who can dive right in and advise you.

What are their emergency call hours?  How fast do they promise to respond?

Here are a couple of companies you might want to call:

2.  Print out a list of actions to take immediately if you suspect you've been attacked.

Do's and Don'ts are critical to minimize the damage and stop the attack from spreading. Get the latest advice from your cyber security company. Here are a few main points for your list:

  • Disconnect your computers from your network and the internet.
  • Don't turn off computers unless your expert tells you to.
  • Don't start restoring from your backups. They could become infected.
  • Warn the people in your office. Their email accounts may be hacked.

3.  Create a separate copy of your clients' names and contact information on paper and an external flash drive. You may need to notify them while your main system and even your email accounts are down.

4.  Be prepared to notify law enforcement.

5.  Train yourself and your staff on what to do if you suspect an attack..

Distribute cyber security training materials to those you work with. Make sure you all know what to do if you make a mistake.

Do you have questions about cyber security? Click here to let me know...

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