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Are You Safe with Free Antivirus from Microsoft?

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Are You Safe with Free Antivirus from Microsoft?

Recently I checked the status of the free, Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus protection on a client law firm's computer. Here is what is saw:

Microsoft Security Essentials - 12 hours stale

The virus definitions were 12 hours old. That may sound good, but it is not. Malware criminals now change their variants every 20 minutes or more frequently. They know that traditional, paid antivirus software updates arrive only every few hours and that the free software is updated less often.

In the twelve hours that passed since the last antivirus update, cyber criminals typically change their malware 36 times!

Traditional, virus signature downloads just cannot keep up with sophisticated malware threats.

Our Webroot Security software uses the cloud instead of downloads to counter new viruses.

Within seven seconds. That is how long it takes for our antimalware service to protect your computers. Once new malware is identified on any one of the tens of millions of computers protected by our antimalware technology, they are all protected.

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