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Attacks on Your Smartphone


A new crime wave against smartphones is building. Smartphones are a goldmine for identity thieves. Once into your phone, they can access passwords, photos, addresses, everything.

Protect your smartphone

Criminals don't need to grab your phone and break in. And they don't need to hack in through obscure security holes that are hard to find, hard to exploit and quickly closed.

Hackers find it easier to create fake apps resembling popular ones like Facebook and Whatsapp. They trick you into installing their "more secure" version of these apps. Recently a global malware campaign dubbed Dark Caracal infected thousands of smartphones across the globe.

Google and Apple's app stores provide good protection against fake apps, but third-party websites are another story. Don't download apps from other websites unless your are sure they are trustworthy.

You can add another layer of protection by installing Webroot Internet Security on your smartphone. Call or write us for more information: 888-922-1120 -

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