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Backup Failures

backup protection

You are wise to run multiple, independent backups of all your vital documents and data. If Plan A fails, you have Plan B. This web search underlines the fallibility of backup systems.

Search for "backup failure" in the last 30 days and you'll see results like this:

  • Backup Failure: "STC 401" or "job (500) was unable to be assigned ...
  • Troubleshoot Azure Backup failure: Guest Agent Status Unavailable ...
  • EMC Community Network - DECN: Avamar backup failure- Too many pre ...
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    UDP | Agentless backup fail || Backup Failed to initialize the Hyper-V ...
  • One of 12 backup failed, need advice | Proxmox Support Forum

These reports about backup failures involving enterprise-level products illustrate that no system is perfect and that the people working on them are not perfect.

By running our separate, automatic SecureMyFirm backup system, you have an added layer of protection. You are not totally dependent on your traditional, onsite backup program.

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