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Foiling Ransomware that Renames Files


renaming Ransomware

Advanced ransomware has a nasty trick: It not only encrypts your files but it also renames them. The new names of your files are scrambled. The ransomware extortionist offers to change the unknown filenames back to the names you know and reverse the encryption of their contents.

Quite a few types of synchronization software, backup programs and cloud backup services can only restore files with their current names. They can restore old versions, but cannot rename them to their correct names. Locky is an example of malware that defeats these products.

If you could recover all your files from backup, but they came back with unrecognizable names, you would be in bad shape!

SecureMyFirm has you covered. We have a Snapshot feature that continually protects your files. If advanced ransomware scrambles your files and their filenames, our point-in-time restore capability can bring them back with correct names, file dates and contents.

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