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Businesses Increase Cyber Defenses in 2022


According to a November survey by the Neustar International Security Council, eighty-one percent (81%) of surveyed organizations will increase their cybersecurity spending in 2022.

81 percent of organization increase cybersecurity spending

One out of four will increase prevention spending by 26% to 50%.

Two-thirds will increase spending more than 10% in 2022.

I know that small firms are hard-pressed to absorb expense increases. Yet it is even harder a for small firm to recover from cybercrime.

Our goal at SecureMyFirm is to offer enterprise-quality protection that is affordable for small firms.

Companies are increasing their cybersecurity budgets in order to counteract the mushrooming threats that are coming our way.

We offer both prevention and recovery technologies that are tailored to small firms. For more information, call or write me:
Wells H. Anderson, CEO, SecureMyFirm


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