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Complacency Can Cost Five Figures in a Week

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What is complacency in the context of protecting your client files and confidential law practice information?

Complacency has been described by as:

"Maintaining the status quo despite a shifting threat landscape."

Less than one-third of businesses had studied the evolving new cyber risks within the last year according to a  2019 survey

So you are most likely facing new threats that you could avoid.

Avoid the avoidable

Small firms don't have the time, funds or expertise to investigate each emerging cyber threat. But you can periodically ask an expert whether your existing services defend against new threats.

Innovative companies have developed new services for small and medium businesses. They protect you from new, zero-day viruses and vulnerabilities. Our Huntress cybersecurity service provides this affordable protection.

Isn't your antivirus protection enough? No. All the firms struck by ransomware and computer breaches had antivirus defenses in place. They block up to 99% of the attacks. But the attacks are relentless and ever-changing.

Our Huntress service unleashes electronic watchdogs in your computers. When they spot anything suspicious, they sound the alarm. They report to the Huntress ThreatOps team, a team of U.S.-based threat hunters.

When a threat is detected, the Huntress ThreatOps team alerts us here at SecureMyFirm and we contact you with information about any serious threat.

What's at stake if you fall behind the times?

A typical cyber attack can rack up these costs for a small firm:

$9,000 - $18,000 per attorney - Five to ten days of lost billable time
$4,500 - $9,000 per paralegal - Five to ten days of lost billable time
$5,000 - $10,000+ for recovery and damage control by hired experts
$? - Value of your time spent on potential litigation and disciplinary action

And these intangible damages are even more significant:

  • Damage to your reputation as a trustworthy professional
  • Big hit to the morale in your office
  • Embarrassment of notifying clients that their information has been stolen
  • Exposure when ransomware thieves publish your files online

Call or write us today to protect your priceless client information with Huntress.

Wells H. Anderson, CEO, SecureMyFirm

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