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Good News: Ransomware Unlocked

How do you react if you get a dreaded message on your computer demanding a ransom payment to unlock all your files?

The threat of losing all your files has to trigger a fear response. Then, as you take a breath, you'll remember that you have backups of your files. But how safe are the backups?

For many small firms, backups are on their networks. Ransomware now searches your network and attached hard drives, finding and encrypting backups that are not protected.

If your backups are encrypted by ransomware, are you out of luck?

Not necessarily. People have downloaded ransomware decryption tools from No More Ransom over four million (4,000,000) times!

No More Ransom includes 163 partners from the cybersecurity industry, law enforcement and financial services organizations. The project has posted impressive statistics:

  • $630,000,000 ransom payments prevented
  • Translated into 36 languages
  • 140 families of ransomware decrypted

The good news is that you may be able to get your files back without paying a ransom. Unfortunately, many ransomware families cannot be decrypted. One study determined that forty-percent (40%) of victims paid the ransom.

So, be careful! Make sure you have excellent antivirus protection and regular backups that are invisible to ransomware.

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