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Hard Drive Failure Destroys Database and Backup


The United States Postal Service lost an entire database and its only backup because both were on the same hard drive that crashed.

Ironically, the database belonged to the Computer Incident Response Team that monitors security incidents. The team kept paper copies of incident reports that filled five file cabinets.

If you use a Microsoft SQL database like Time Matters in your office, the default location for database backups is on the same drive as the main database. Unless you have taken precautions to back up the database backups to a different drive and to an offsite location (or make paper copies every day!), your entire database is at risk.

Our SecureMyFirm cloud backup system immediately backs up your database backups and other files as soon as they are saved. The backups are stored in ultra-secure data centers in both Atlanta and Utah, so you don't have a single point of failure like the Postal Service did.

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