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Is Your Modem Safe? Thousands Are Not

At your home office and possibly your work office, your modem/router stands alone between you and criminal bots. They constant roam the internet hunting for security holes.

Popular Netgear modems serve as a firewall and connector between the internet and the computers and mobile devices in houses and offices.

If you have a modem with a security flaw that hasn't been patched, a backdoor into your network stands wide open.

If you work in a typical small firm, you do not have a company that regularly updates your computer hardware with security patches. You probably update Microsoft Windows (How often is another question!), but your hardware may go for years without any attention.

High severity security flaws were discovered in 79 Netgear products. The list includes the popular R7000 NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router. Over 46,000 have been sold on Amazon alone.

Check to see if you have a Netgear modem. If so, check this list to see if yours is unsafe until it receives a security patch.

If your Netgear modem is on the list, follow these instructions to update it.

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