Protecting small firms from computer disasters
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Key Steps to Protect Your Practice from Cyberthreats

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  • Run a cloud backup at least every night.
    If you are struck by ransomware or any other malicious malware, all the files in your office can be locked up or destroyed, including many types of local backups. A cloud backup protects you.
  • Sign up everyone for a basic cybersecurity training course.
    It is important for attorneys and staff to be able to recognize deceptive phone callers, e-mail messages, and websites.
  • Create an emergency response plan.
    Make it very practical and specific. Cover what to do in case of a data breach. Phone numbers and resources and a checklist right at hand are invaluable under the difficult circumstances of an emergency.
  • Begin using a password safe.
    Use a service such as LastPass and make all of your passwords longer and stronger. Thieves now have access to very powerful computers and programs for breaking your eight-character passwords.
  • Put security apps on all your mobile devices.
    They will protect the information on your phones and tablets and also help you to locate them if they are lost or stolen.

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