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Most Backups Fail

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I was shocked to read that 58% of backups fail!

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Because I stay up-to-date on developments in the world of computer security, it takes a lot to shock me. Computer breaches and ransomware attacks are in the tech news every day.

But when I read about a 2021 study by Veeam Software, a major provider of enterprise backups, that found 58% of all backups fail, wow!

The study surveyed 3,000 C-level executives. They reported eyebrow-raising statistics in addition the the backup failure rate:

  • 95% experienced unexpected data outages
  • 14% of all data is not backed up
  • 25% of all servers experienced at least one unexpected failure

Given these statistics, everyone would be well-advised to examine and test their backup and recovery strategies.

Since no backup system is 100% perfect, it makes sense to tilt the odds of a successful recovery in your favor. Implement at least two independent, full backup systems.

Redundancy is exactly what our service, DoubleBackup, delivers. Run your regular full backups. And also run a DoubleBackup to our enterprise data centers.

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