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Quick Steps to Computer Privacy

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Are you overwhelmed by the flood of news about big companies profiling you?
These three quick steps can keep them from monitoring your behavior online.
Acting like the proverbial ostrich is all too common. The ostrich physically blocks out the sight of the threat, hiding its head in sand. We humans *mentally* block out threats. But that doesn't make them go away.
Make a few simple changes to keep "the man" from constantly looking over your shoulder, taking notes.

1.  Switch from Google Chrome to Brave for Browsing

If you are not using Google Chrome, great! One less way that Google can track you. On to the next tip.
But if you are using Google Chrome, you know you're being tracked like crazy. Even if you are all into Google services, you don't have to use Chrome.
Brave Browser
Brave Web Browser
With the Brave browser,, you can do just about anything you already do with Chrome. Why? Because both Chrome and Brave are built on Chromium, the underlying open source browser project.
Brave looks and acts just like Chrome. You can install all the Chrome add-ins from the Google web store. And it doesn't track you!

2. Switch to StartPage or DuckDuckGo for Searching

Whatever browser you use, you'll be tracked by Google if you search at
So switch to or for searching the web. Neither one will collect information on what pages you visit, for how long and what you click on.
You can adjust the Setting of your brower to make or your default Search Engine and/or default homepage.
In Brave for StartPage:
In Brave for DuckDuckGo:
(These are steps are for Chrome, but they apply to Brave, too, since it is so similar - except for mining your data!)

3. Stop Your ISP from Snooping

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can record all the websites you visit. They can track how long you are on a site and what you download. All of that information can be mined and sold.
You can use a free service to make it difficult for your ISP to track you. Cloudflare sells a content delivery service. They offer some free services in order to attract interest. Their DNS service lets you bypass your IPS's standard snoopers.
To start using 1.1.1.l on your computer, you need to change a network setting. Find instructions here:
For Apple Mac -
For Windows -
For your iPhone or Android phone, all you need to do is install an app. At the Google store or iTunes, enter in the Search field.
Protecting your privacy requires that you pay attention to the changing landscape of the technological world. Keep you eyes open!

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