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Ransomware Gangs - Hidden Dangers

Ransomware gangs get by your antivirus software. Then they hide what they are doing to your priceless files.

As reported by Bill Toulas in BleepingComuter:

"[R]ansomware groups are adopting a new tactic that helps them encrypt their victims' systems faster while reducing the chances of being detected and stopped.
"This tactic is called intermittent encryption, and it consists of encrypting only parts of the targeted files' content, which would still render the data unrecoverable...."

Ransomware gangs are actively promoting intermittent encryption as a feature of the software they sell to other cyber criminals on the underground web.

By encrypting just 50% of each file, they can escape the attention  of many antivirus defenses.

Cybercriminals keep innovating. What can we do about it? Our defenders can keep innovating, countering the moves made by the thieves. But beyond defensive adaptions, cybersecurity companies offer Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technologies.

EDR services assume that attackers will penetrate our defenses and seek to create footholds in our computers and servers. In these footholds, the attackers can bide their time and gradually inspect our systems, encrypt files, and spy on our activities.

In response, the EDR services constantly monitor the places that malware can hide out and watch for changes. When an attacker breaches our defenses and drops payload on our systems, EDR can detect the changes and sounds an alert. The EDR Security Operations Center monitors these alerts, carefully distinguishing false alarms from real threats.

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