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Selective Sync - Safely work with files on your laptop or device

  • Take your files with you.
  • Protect files you create on your laptop or device with automatic backup.
  • Automatically sync your files back to your server.
  • Never worry about overwriting original files on your server - versions are saved automatically.

The Selective Sync feature of SecureMyFirm allows you to keep folders from your network or main computer in sync with folders on your laptop, tablet and phone. You may pick and choose which folders to sync. In that way, you won't fill up your laptop or device with too many files.

Syncing your folders allows you to work on the plane or anywhere you don't have an Internet connection. Once you are back on the web, the files you've changed are synced safely back to your server or main computer.

You can also use the Selective Sync or full synchronization feature to keep up-to-date copies of some or all of your folders offsite. That allows you to work with them immediately without having to log in to a computer back at the office. These synchronized folders serve as an offsite backup that makes your folders immediately available if a power outage or other disaster strikes your office.

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