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Sneaky New Computer Virus

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A sneaky new computer virus, dubbed "Blister," gets past even the best antivirus software.

The Blister malware is signed with a security certificate from a legitimate company. That allows it to be seen as "safe" by most antivirus software. Once it gets through the antivirus defenses, it sits silently on the computer for ten minutes. Bister waits in order to avoid the "sandboxing" feature of antivirus software that watches for suspicious activity from new files.


After waiting ten minutes, Blister proceeds to hide itself in various ways and to place a copy in the Windows Startup folder so that it will run every time Windows starts up.

Why is Blister dangerous?

Blister creates a backdoor allowing criminals to take control of your computer. It also moves silently across your network, infecting other computers.

Protect Yourself against New Threats

You can protect yourself from new malware like Blister even before they are discovered by researchers. By subscribing to our Huntress service, your computers are protected by electronic watchdogs. They continuously monitor the places in your computer where new threats can hide out. When the watchdogs spot something potentially dangerous, they phone home to the Huntress Security Operations Center.

The Huntress AI technology identifies and quarantines most malware that has evaded your other defenses. If the AI is uncertain, it refers the suspicious file to expert human analysts.

If you are interested in better protection against new threat, call or write me:
Wells H. Anderson, CEO, SecureMyFirm


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