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Stop Paying a Fee to Remotely Access Your Computer

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Many paid remote control services are available ranging from Splashtop for $5/month to GoToMyPC for $44/month.

Is there a good, less expensive option?

Yes! DWService (, once installed, allows unattended access to a far computer any time that it is powered on. The price? Free, or whatever you choose to contribute.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, I gave an answer listing four paid remote control services. Since then, I discovered DWService. I am very pleased with it.

A company making a remote control program needs to earn your trust. The free program from is open source. It has been subject to the scrutiny of security researchers. While not a guarantee of perfection, that scrutiny provides a level of confidence. offers the free remote control program, DWAgent. It can be installed on a far computer in unattended mode. It can also be used on demand allowing you to connect to someone else's computer while they are present and assisting in making the connection.

You can install DWAgent on as many computers as you want. You can access one or more of them at the same time from your web-based control panel. DWAgent may be used for commercial purposes without charge.

The instructions for creating an account, downloading and installing DWAgent are presented in three videos of about 4 minutes each on the homepage,

DWAgent only needs to be installed on the far computer for unintended access. You can use any computer, tablet or smartphone to remotely connect to the far computer without needing to install any software on the device you use to control the far computer. You make the connection through your web browser.

Be sure to use a strong password when creating your account. You don't want anyone breaking into your far computer(s)! There is also an option to use multi-factor authentication (MFA). I use Google Authenticator on my phone.

This is a good video on how to use DWAgent for remote control:

This video shows an even faster way to connect directly to an unattended computer that is running DWAgent:

By Wells H. Anderson. Originally published in the American Bar Association online publication, GPSolo eReport.

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