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Update Your iPhone and iPad Now!


The absolute worst kind of security flaw exists in all Apple devices. That is, unless you update them after September 13, 2021.

risk ahead

Your Apple device has a zero-day, zero-click security hole. That means there was no knowledge of the flaw before it was actively used (zero-day) and the attacker could invade your device without needing you to do or click anything (zero-click).

Someone with Pegasus software could take over your device, record everything you do with it, and even turn on the mic and camera to record you!

The good news? Currently, Pegasus software is very difficult to acquire. It has been sold to governments that have used it against journalists and dissidents. So in all probability, you are not a target, for now.

But don't be complacent. Who knows when other hackers will find the security hole and target a much wider population.

Here is the Apple page that lists the September 13 updates that will plug the hole: Apple updates

For more information, see:  Apple releases emergency update: Patch, but don’t panic

Wells Anderson, CEO

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