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Why to Update Your Web Browser

antivirus vulnerabilities

Criminals are constantly probing your web browser for weaknesses. Hardly a day goes by that you don't look at something on the internet, so you are repeatedly exposed to threats.

Web browsers

Antivirus software shields you most of the time, but it can't stop all malware. Criminals take advantage of newly discovered vulnerabilities to attack your computer and phone.

Recently Google released an update to the Chrome web browser that patched five separate vulnerabilities. As a number of other web browsers rely on the same code, they, too, patched their software.

Update your browser to close the holes! Otherwise, you could land on an infected webpage and suffer one of a number of problems, including loss of control of your computer.

Typically, your web browser will update itself after you close and reopen it. But if you leave it open day after day, you are vulnerable.

Check to see if your browser is up-to-date by clicking on the icon below the X in the upper right corner of your web browser. Choose Settings, Help and About... 

I just checked my Brave browser (click About Brave at the bottom of the menu) and saw this:

I easily updated it by clicking Relaunch. All of my open webpages came back after the update.

If you use Firefox, go to Settings, Help, About and you may see this:

About Firefox

Click Restart to update Firefox.

We all spend time on the internet. Make sure your web browsers are safe by keeping them up-to-date.

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