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Will Your Battery Backup Protect You in a Power Outage?


A battery backup unit for your computer can protect you in two ways:
  1. Prevent damage to your computer and files from a sudden power outage.
  2. Allow you to finish up or continue important work during an outage.

But your battery backup unit, also known as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), might fail you.

If an electrical transformer near you goes down, you don't want the stress of a broken computer, too.

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You also don't want your battery backup to die fast when you most need it.

Batteries need to be replaced about every 5 years, sooner if they are drained multiple times per year because of testing or power failures. Your unit should warn you when the battery needs replacement. Even before then its run time will be compromised. So write the purchase date of your battery on the unit and replace it in year 3 or 4.

A replacement battery costs less and is more environmental than a new UPS. Replacing the battery should require more than a screwdriver and some care not to touch electrical contacts.

Automatic Shutdown Software

If your desktop computer is powered up when an electrical outage strikes and you aren't around, your battery backup may run out before power is restored. In that event, it is important to have automatic shutdown software running on your computer. The software is provided by the battery backup vendor and relies on a cable connecting the computer to the battery backup unit.

Without automatic shutdown software, your computer hardware or files can be damaged by the sudden loss of power when the battery backup runs out. Your laptop prevents that problem by automatically shutting itself down before its battery completely runs out. A UPS will help with your laptop by keeping your big external monitor and your internet modem running during a blackout.

Recommended UPS Unit

If you need a new UPS I strongly recommendation the APC brand. They are far more reliable than cheaper competitors. A good model for a computer, monitor and more is the APC BE850M2 800 VA 450 Watts 9 outlet Back-UPS, under $90.

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