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Worst Year Ever

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“Surprising no one, 2017 marked another ‘worst year ever’ in data breaches and cyber incidents around the world,” reported Jeff Wilbur, director of the Online Trust Alliance.
“This year’s big increase in cyberattacks can be attributed to the skyrocketing instances of ransomware and the bold new methods of criminals using this attack.”
See the Press Release and the Cyber Incident & Breach Trends Report 

According to the FBI, Business Email Compromise losses increased 1300% last year. Attacking both small and large businesses, criminals target the normal routines of the businesses. They succeed by asking victims for things that are ordinary and within their comfort zones.

Ransomware evolved both in number of attacks and in sophistication, avoiding traditional antivirus software that relies on signature downloads and file analysis.

The best protections against cyberattacks are:
  • Use and update new-generation antivirus, anti-malware and anti-ransomware defenses.
  • Keep your Windows operating system and software programs up-to-date.
  • Train your staff to recognize phishing emails and other frauds.
  • Make sure you have redundant, isolated backups.

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