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Your Computer Has Holes


Your computer has holes that viruses can exploit. You can defend against them, but traditional antivirus software won't do the job.

Holes in your computer

In 2016, Microsoft identified and patched over 100 holes each in Windows 10, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the Microsoft Edge web browser. In addition, over 80 vulnerabilties were found and patched in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Some of the holes and vulnerabilities existed for months before Microsoft released fixes. Even if you have automatic Microsoft updates enabled and promptly reboot your computers, you have been exposed.

I strongly recommend that you install advanced protection like Webroot Security. You get triple protection:

  1. Cloud-based shields that stop new malware within seconds.
  2. Intelligence that blocks suspicious behavior.
  3. Protection against millions of known dangerous source of malware.
You advanced protection is always active, always watching.

False positives can be a problem with other antimalware technologies. In our experience, Webroot Security's rate of false positives ranges from very rare to zero.

Please call us for better protection now.  888-922-1120

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