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RapidRescue - for Servers - monthly - recover your server in minutes


RapidRescue - for Servers - monthly - recover your server in minutes

$ 14.95

Rescue your files locked by ransomware in seconds. RapidRescue for Servers protects your priceless files with an invisible shield. If ransomware or other malware attacks your files, get them back fast!

  • Fast recovery from ransomware.
  • Rescue selected files, selected folders or all your files.
  • One-click Windows restore fixes faulty updates and malware damage. 
  • Stop malware like Bad Rabbit, Satana, and "Night of the Devil" from wrecking your boot record.
  • Stop wipers like NotPetya, Shamoon, and Ordinypt from erasing your drives.

RapidRescue for Servers gets your server back to work faster than any other technology for these threats. It preserves previous versions of your files untouched, so rescuing them is blazing fast.

You still need traditional and cloud backups to protect against fires, storms, theft, earthquakes, and mechanical breakdowns. But these systems can take many hours or days to get you back to normal.

RapidRescue for Servers needs only seconds to bring back damaged files or minutes for a One-Click Restore of Windows and all your folders.

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