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Cryptostopper - One PC monthly - Stop ransomware


Cryptostopper - One PC monthly - Stop ransomware

$ 2.95

Protect one computer - monthly

CryptoStopper intercepts ransomware in seconds. Using "canary files," like the canaries that sounded the alarm in coal mines, CryptoStopper stops ransomware in its tracks.

Antivirus services fall short. While antivirus protection blocks a whole range of serious threats, serious malware still gets through. CryptoStopper responds fast after a break-in.

 Protect Client Documents

Prevent cyber criminals from stealing your sensitive client files! Protect your reputation, your clients and your money.


Your firm is a target. Start your protection today!

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Caveat: No products can provide 100% protection. It is necessary to follow standard security precautions. Please see our Terms of Service linked below.

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