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Crime Blocker - Twenty Pack monthly - Protect client files


Crime Blocker - Twenty Pack monthly - Protect client files

$ 199.00 $ 259.00

Protection for 20 computers and devices

Protect Client Documents!
Keep cyber criminals from stealing your sensitive client files! Protect your reputation, your clients and your money.

Avoid Facing Extortion
Criminals make six- or seven-figure extortion demands after breaching your computer system and stealing your client documents. They threaten to publish them if you don't pay up. Crime Blocker can stop them.

Sound the Alarm
Crime Blocker sounds the alarm when criminals invade your computer and try to upload your files. Based on your policies, Crime Blocker can notify you and block attempts to steal your files.

Block Uploading of Documents
Our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology monitors the pathways criminals use to upload your files, including: File Transfer Protocol (FTP), email attachments, web browser upload links, converting files to video then uploading to YouTube, file storage services such as Google Drive, DropBox, Mega and many, many others.

Your per-device subscription covers each of the desktop computers, servers, laptops, tablets and smartphones used in your firm and by your people anywhere.

Your firm is a target. Start your protection today!

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Caveat: No products can provide 100% protection. It is necessary to follow standard security precautions. Please see our Terms of Service linked below.

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