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Huntress - for 5 computers, server and laptops - monthly


Huntress - for 5 computers, server and laptops - monthly

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Huntress fills the gaps in your other essential computer defenses.

Antivirus services, internet firewall and backups protect you, but not from all threats.

Cybercriminals keep finding ways into our computers. New breaches and threats are reported every day.

Huntress unleashes electronic watchdogs in your computers. When they spot anything suspicious, they sound the alarm. They report to the Huntress ThreatOps team, a team of U.S.-based threat hunters.

When a threat is detected, the Huntress ThreatOps team determines its severity. If appropriate, they alert us here at SecureMyFirm and we contact you with information about any serious threat. For a quick fix, we can offer assistance. For more complex issues, such as a cyber break-in, we can provide guidance to your local computer technicians or refer you to remote cybersecurity experts

Your antivirus software, firewall and backups work hard to protect you. But they cannot stop all of the novel, evolving threats. Your priceless files, data and privacy are endangered. The Huntress watchdogs are constantly on patrol protecting you.

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