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Webroot Crime Blocker - monthly - ten computers


Webroot Crime Blocker - monthly - ten computers

$ 39.95 $ 49.50

Protect 10 computers and laptops - monthly subscription

Webroot Crime Blocker integrates with your Webroot Security antivirus defenses.

It blocks connections to malicious websites and domains. So it can stop the theft of your files and extortion demands.

It differs from Webroot Security's malware identification and quarantining. Webroot Crime Blocker identifies threats at their origin. It detects websites and domains used by cybercriminals. Then it blocks everything that tries to come down from or go up to those malicious websites.

Webroot Crime Blocker:

  • Identifies and blocks command and control sites used by ransomware thieves.
  • Uses advanced machine learning engines to scan for and block malicious websites.
  • Blocks inbound and outbound traffic with malicious domains.
  • Protects work-from-home and roaming users.

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