Protecting small firms from computer disasters
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Big firm protection - small firm pricing

Two Free Cybersecurity Downloads:

Guides on how to protect your firm 

How we are different. Why it matters to you.

Your small firm receives our individual, expert attention. Our founder, Wells Anderson, will answer your questions:

  • What are you concerned about?
  • Where are the holes in your defenses?
  • What are the safest ways to protect your firm?

Unlike other providers. We focus on small firms like yours. Our services and data centers are enterprise-class, but affordable.

You receive our focused attention continuously. We regularly monitor your backups and your protection against cyber attacks.

Set a time to talk with Wells now:  888.922.1120 or

Why you need cloud security services

Computer glitches, ransomware, hackers and disasters strike suddenly. Don't wait until after you really need protection!

You are safer with our cloud backup service:

  • Human beings monitor your SecureMyFirm services regularly.
  • Your ultra-secure backups run continuously, 24/7/365
  • Point-in-time recovery protects your newest work from ransomware & threats.
  • Your backups saved to both of our enterprise-level data centers in Utah & Atlanta.
  • Unlimited file versions and deleted files are saved efficiently.

Why our cloud antivirus and security service, Webroot, is better for you:

  • Instantaneous protection against new threats using our cloud technology.
  • Minimal, unnoticeable impact on your computer and Internet connection.
  • No conflicts with your other software, even other antivirus applications.
  • Automatic quarantining of suspicious files plus automatic roll back.

Don't put off protecting your work and your livelihood. Start a 30-day free trial now: Call 888.922.1120