Protecting small firms from computer disasters
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Avoid computer disasters. Protect your firm.

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 Why you need SecureMyFirm cloud security services:

Computer glitches, cyber-extortionists, and disasters strike suddenly.
Local backups and standard antivirus apps fail. We have you covered.

Why you are safer with our security services:

  • We monitor your SecureMyFirm services regularly.
  • CrimeBlocker - keep out ransomware and stop Business Email Compromise - New! 
  • MultiShields Backup - ultra-secure backups run automatically.
  • Huntress - electronic watchdogs constantly patrol your computers.
  • Webroot Security - blocks a wide range of viruses, malware and ransomware.
MultiShields Backup Features
Business class backup
> Backup and restore all selected folders in all computers
> Support for Windows servers and PCs
Backup and restore features
> Regular backup of files, folders and databases
> Local and network directory backup
> Custom retention periods for deleted files and file revisions
> Bulk, point-in-time restores
> Comprehensive usage reports and activity logs
> File type exclusion
> Bandwidth throttling
> Option to backup locally to USB drive, other computer or NAS device
Security features
> Data centers: SSAE 16 Type II or SOC Certified
> 99.999% uptime: less than 5 minutes average downtime per year
> Privacy mode - "zero knowledge" option
> Data encrypted over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections
> Server Side Encryption (SSE), using 256-bit AES in transit and at rest

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